Thursday, December 15, 2005

Keane Joins Celtic

Roy Keane has finally signed for Celtic. This is the club that he always said was the only one that he would leave United for. He said in 2000 that Celtic was the club that he wanted to finish his career at. It now looks that this will be likely as he has signed an 18 month contract which will keep him at the club until at least June 2007.
There has been a lot of speculation over recent weeks over which club United would join. Celtic was always the most likely but for a time it appeared that they would not be able to afford Roy's wages. He will become the highest paid player in Celtic history and apparently part of his £40,000 weekly wages are going to be paid directly by Dermot Desmond, however this was denied by the club.
I know it's easy to say this, now that he's signed, but I didn't really see him signing for any other team. I feel that Keane would certainly not have been happy in another Premiership Club as he would have seen it as a step downwards from United. There also seemed to be some interest from Spanish and Italian teams, however Keane like other players would probably have had a lot of trouble settling in there. According to reports Keane will not be moving to Glasgow and will continue to live in his home near Manchester. Roy said that he will be looking for a house in Glasgow, whether this will be a full-time home or somewhere to kip mid-week is to be seen.
It is hoped that he will make his debut at the start of January.

Of course Celtic isn't an Irish club, but it is probably the most Irish of the British clubs.

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