Sunday, July 24, 2005

Me on the waterfront. Posted by Picasa

The Bell Tower in Perth. Posted by Picasa

This is Rahul. An A&E Doc in Perth. Posted by Picasa

From Singapore we flew on to Perth, Australia. We were taken care of by Rahul Goswami.
This was taken at Cicerello's Landing where we got great Fish and Chips mate.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shivani and I. Posted by Picasa

The lads. Posted by Picasa

More birds. Posted by Picasa

They have an interesting elephant show. I was supprised to see an elephant walk along a log and turn around halfway over. Posted by Picasa

We also visited the world famous Singapore Zoo. Posted by Picasa

Skippy's Asian cousin? Posted by Picasa

The lion at night. Posted by Picasa

We stayed for the excellent laser light show. (The monkey is a bit a annoying though). Posted by Picasa

Sentosa at night. Posted by Picasa

Happy me. (Looking a bit drugged. Must have been all those bubbles). Posted by Picasa

The Japanese surrender. Posted by Picasa

There is an excellent museum there, detailing the English surrender to the Japanese, Singapore during the war and the Japenese surrender to the Allies. It also has a section for the varied cultural aspects of Singapore. Posted by Picasa

We took the cable-car to Sentosa Island, where we had a very pleasant day. Posted by Picasa

The Singapore skyline. Posted by Picasa

We flew from Thailand to Singapore. We were taken care of wonderfully by the Goswamis. Special thanks to Shivani and her "Bubble-Tea". Posted by Picasa

Leaving the Montien and leaving Thailand for Singapore. Posted by Picasa

A spirit-house. Posted by Picasa

Our hotel. Cheap rates for a fancy hotel. Posted by Picasa

Browsing the night-market. Posted by Picasa

Patpong at night. The "other side" of Bangkok. Posted by Picasa

Some locals Posted by Picasa