Saturday, April 07, 2007

6 Photos On Explore

6 Photos On Explore
Originally uploaded by BobTheCorkDwarf.
On latest check I've got six photos on "Explore" in Flickr. Explore is a collection for the most interesting photos each day.

My photos are:
1. 2006_02_26 Ireland Vs Wales_0082,

2006_02_26 Ireland Vs Wales_0082

2. Antigua,


3. Cruising On The Shannon_0061,

Cruising On The Shannon_0061

4. Africa 32,

Africa 32

5. I've Got You My Precious,

I've Got You My Precious

6. Aerial I

Aerial I


Emmet said...

Didn't see your comment until today.

What has you in Limerick of all places?

Looks like you've been all over.

Must update my blog this week, I'm pathetically slow updating it.

Ciarán said...

Being married to a Limerick woman makes certain sacrifices necessary.