Sunday, February 19, 2006

What Type of Doctor are You?

This picture appeared in the December 24th issue of the BMJ. It makes me worry a bit about my chosen direction of Emergency Medicine Phsyician.

It was submited to the Journal by Boris Veysman, resident, Yale School of Medicine.

His includes the following:
As a resident physician working in a large academic medical centre, I am in frequent contact with medical students, many of whom feel apprehensive about choosing their future medical specialty. Students complain that they need balanced career guidance extending beyond "my specialty is the best" expressed by many doctors. Inspired by my interactions with residents training in all major specialties, I have created an algorithm to guide students' choice of specialty on the basis of their personality characteristics. The algorithm has been well received at my institution by students and residents alike, many of whom exclaim: "That is so true."

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