Sunday, October 29, 2006

Munster 41-23 Bourgoin

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Went to the game in Thomond Park last night with Niamh and Simon O'Connell.
A good result, but not really a great game. It took things a while to get going but Bourgoin never really loooked like troubling Munster. Munster got into the swing of things in the second quater of the game and had secured three tries by half-time. Anything but a bonus point win would have been a disappoinment, so it was good to see Munster score a further three tries in the second half.
Munster have got of to a great start in the group and should qualify from the group, but they'll certainly have to "shift up a gear" for the later stages of the competition.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Honeymoon

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I'm in the slow process of uploading our honeymoon photos to Flickr. Niamh and I went to Alaska for two weeks, the morning after our wedding.
The trip out was terrible, nearly 24 hours travelling. We flew from Shannon to Toronto to Seattle to Anchorage. Our luggage got lost enroute, but was waiting for us when we woke the next morning (Fairplay to United for the prompt return of the bags).
We spent the first week based in Anchorage and did a little bit of traveling from there. It's a nice city, but could do with a little bit of updating. It just feels a little bit out of fashion.
Our second week was spent aboard the Celebrity Cruises' Summit. We had a wonderful week travelling down the Alskan panhandle and the west coast of Canada. Of course the trip was too short with only two weeks to get a taste of Alaska, but maybe we'll get back there sometime again.